Golf Rumors

Golf Rumors

The Glass Camera Project was the clandestine effort by the CIA and the FBI in the 90s to create truly non-detectable surveillance tools, particularly a camera and microphone system. Now, according to classical theories of physics this should be impossible, as you need something to absorb the light to record it, and that absorption of light makes it visible. It’s the same reason a full invisibility cloak would make anyone using it blind… at least in theory. It’s believed however that using their research into remote viewing and physical projection the CIA was able to train humans to not only remotely perceive a subject, but also project this information to a camera with the person to create an objective recording of the event. But the camera doesn’t just record something, it’s an integral part of the viewing technique and allows the viewer to channel their focus and view images to a much greater degree than through traditional remote viewing means.

It is believed that the sheer psychic energy to accomplish this goal puts immense strain on the viewer’s body, which almost always results in death after chronic viewing experience. In addition remote viewing is known to cause increased mental degradation and disassociation disorders in the viewer. Because of this it’s highly suspected that Glass Camera operators were actually abducted by the CIA and forced to participate, or were lied to about the true nature and risks of their projects. One of the people suspected of having fallen victim to this fate is Robert Golf, a somewhat prominent psychic from the 1980s that disappeared overnight and is practically unheard of today. The Rumors are speculation on what may become of him, and one the main ones is that he was abducted by the American government for use in their various psy ops projects, including Glass Camera.


they were sacrificing children to the abomination of desolation

They actually keep parts to the abomination of desolation

At usually all the golf courses, the 1.6 million people or so a year who

Go missing are also sacrificed to the abomination of desolation.

It’s why Golf Rumors is spoken of as beyond fubar

because it is, literally all the wrong they can possibly do,

They also nigh religiously hunt down anyone who knows this

So be warned


I read on here that some female golfer died trying to talk about how their were trafficked children at a US open who were with rich golf fans or people who funded the open, who were also conducting rituals, that weren’t too obvious, stuff with patterns that they made the children walk in, on the golf courses. Also that golf has occult symbolism in it, played by rich upper class people. I have things on my computer at home about it but i’m at my campus right now.
Blasberg was found dead with a plastic bag secured over her head at her Henderson, Nevada home on the afternoon of May 9, 2010, according to local police. Officers had been dispatched in response to a 911 call by Dr. Thomas Hess, Blasberg’s doctor, around 3:00 p.m. (PT).[18] In an interview with the Riverside County Press-Enterprise on May 10, Blasberg’s father, Mel Blasberg, was quoted saying, “At first glance it looks like she might have taken her own life, but at second glance, something is very, very strange about it.”