4chan Nationalist Headshots 5, kills 10 In Grocery Store While Biden’s Emails Leaked

4chan Nationalist Headshots 5, kills 10 In Grocery Store While Biden’s Emails Leaked

Did something happen? Sorry I was busy touching grass….

If you want to read his manifesto and watch the video you can do so here. Totally unoriginal, a complete ripoff of Christchurch except worse in every way. If you’re going to go on a shooting that will be used against the right wing harshly for the foreseeable future can we get some creativity at least? Doodles 14 and Brevik on his gun and shoots up a Tops. The manifesto has portions ripped verbatim from Tarrant’s. We’ll never know how much the feds had involved in pushing this kid to do this but we do know that he was evaluated for making threats in the past.

This guy was a newfag who just got redpilled for the first time. He says he first went on 4chan in May of 2020. If you read the manifesto it’s obvious he isn’t too deep into things yet. He still believes in democracy and such. It doesn’t make sense why he chose the grocery store. He says he chose Buffalo due to the high amount of Blacks. Similar to what Roof said about why he chose his location for his shooting. Roof knew the church was all black and stayed til the end of bible study. Tarrant went to a mosque because he wanted to kill muslims. This guy had to have known that there was a chance that the store wasn’t going to be filled with blacks. Either way he shot 2 whites.

He looked at a rule 34 picture of the dog from Martha Speaks with huge tits and an ahegao face before the shooting. I’m not a furry but the picture is hot, everyone has got to admit it. Not something I would use as inspiration before I went on a mass murder spree. It’s a bit too lewd to keep in a locket during war. That’s a joke but it does show it is real and how sick he was. Why would a fed have furry porn shown on camera? Just an average teenage dirtbag.

It’s understandable young men feel this way. They’ve been isolated and punished by the greater society for being themselves. When they find out that they were deliberately made to feel this way they want to stop the forces that did this to them and everyone else. Looking at the high amount of censorship and how the 2020 election went you question if you can change things in the marketplace of ideas. Violence seems to be the only answer.

Acts like this hurt what we are trying to push. When you commit random acts of violence random people don’t want to side with you. Surprising I know. Because this dude went on his tantrum the daily stormer domain got pulled and all of 4chan is at risk. These are the biggest and last sites on the internet where redpilling takes place. We won’t win if we can’t gain mass support for out cause.

Read the emails here

There’s some interesting things in here like a pizza chief, meetings at comet pizza, and Hunter Biden’s porn preference being girls on drugs. It’s something to spend a couple minutes searching for different words and such but that’s about it. Nothing that we didn’t already know. Not much else to say besides how it’s being underreported on.

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