Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

These are the good guys. This is what good guys do:

I don’t think winners act like this but what do I know right? This is war and people die, I am aware. This is depraved, brutal acts of ultraviolence. Acts like that are only committed in war in desperation by losers trying to overcompensate. I’m not moral fagging this is just how it is. Taping your women to poles and letting your citizens rape them is bottom of the earth behavior. This is all being paid for by your tax dollars btw.

From AP News:

Presidents typically say a few words before they turn legislation into law. But Joe Biden flipped the script Tuesday when it came time to put his signature on the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act.

He signed the bill at a desk in the White House Rose Garden. Then he spoke.

“All right. It’s law,” said the president, who was surrounded by Vice President Kamala Harris, members of Congress and top Justice Department officials. He was also joined by a descendant of Ida B. Wells, a Black journalist who reported on lynchings, and Rev. Wheeler Parker, a cousin of Till.

We had so much time and we had no idea….


From AP News:

Infowars host Alex Jones offered to pay $120,000 per plaintiff to resolve a lawsuit by relatives of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims who said he defamed them by asserting the massacre never happened, according to court filings Tuesday. The offer was quickly rejected by the families.

A Connecticut judge found Jones liable for damages in November, and a trial is planned to determine how much he should pay the families.

The plaintiffs said they have been subjected to harassment and death threats from Jones’ followers because of the hoax conspiracy promoted on his show.

The court filings posted online said: “Mr. Jones extends his heartfelt apology for any distress his remarks caused.”

These crisis actors are bleeding Jones dry at the request of the government. Why would you, as a parent, go after the guy that tried to figure out why your kid died? I guess it’s cope from your child being murdered for no reason and being used by politicians to push gun control. Their kids are up in heaven looking down at them siding with the people profiting off their deaths.

From Vice:

House Republicans are pissed about Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s claim that he’s seen lawmakers do coke and been asked to partake in orgies since he came to D.C.

Cawthorn, a 26-year-old freshman Republican lawmaker from North Carolina who identifies with the far-right of the party and recently drew criticism from Republican leadership for calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug,” said during a podcast interview last week that he’d seen “people that are leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country” do a “key bump” of cocaine in front of him.

Cawthorn is having a redemption arc by the looks of it. Divorce does that to a nigga. He can’t walk which already makes you less of a man and then to be castrated by your wife of 8 months? You don’t have much to lose and your vision starts to clear up. We already knew Con Inc was full of degenerates, this is nothing new. It’s nice to have it affirmed by a young man though. And I agree with Cawthorn Zelenskyy is a gay porn star and should be killed immediately.

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