Fags Groom Kids To Celebrate Pride Month At Drag Show

Fags Groom Kids To Celebrate Pride Month At Drag Show

Pic unrel. Do you still think this country is worth saving?

From The Daily Caller:

Protestors appear to have clashed with parents and other attendees of a self-described “family-friendly drag show” in an Oaklawn, Texas nightclub.

The event, titled “Drag The Kids To Pride” was held at 11 a.m. at the Mr. Misster gay nightclub.

You might look at something like this and think that this is one small place in a big country that this happened at and still there was a lot of resistance. That doesn’t change the fact that the masses still think there’s not much difference between straight couples and gay couples. They don’t care that children are around this stuff. Look around you everyday and you’ll see they don’t care that children are exposed to a hyper-sexualized society. Why would the average middle class family be angered by this if it happened in their town? There would be a repulsion at first but that would be quickly shut down with a “this is how things are now”.

I hate the average joe. I think he should be beat up and violated after every 8 hour shift. What has joe ever done for me? He needs to be put through hell like you and I have and maybe he’d understand the world better.