Euphoria: TV REVIEW

Euphoria: TV REVIEW

“But like…. It’s America”


“I am envious of your generation, you don’t care about the rules.”

-gay man

This show is so satanic after watching I felt noticeably worse. I see that it’s a trend now to say that the way this show portrays high school is ludicrous and not at all accurate. I’m sure that’s true if you live in a normal Christian, racially homogenous area in America. For the majority of America the show is realistic. I was seething with anger throughout. I hate every character in this show so much. Watching this show was like a simulator of being in all the worst environments I’ve had to live through.

Everyone in the show reminds me of someone I have known in real life. I’m twenty now and the characters in this show range from 16-24 probably. Some day, history will have a record of shows like this. Our future ancestors will know that this show was made for kids and we let them watch it.

This show really captures being a zoomer with some problems and coping with excessive amounts drugs and sex. This show really shows the beauty of being a disgustedly obese pornstar. Showcases the melodrama of being mulatto and watching too many romcoms. The tragedy of being an ugly unlovable tranny. The hilarious comedy of 16 year olds explaining the complexities of dick pics. The blossoming of both lesbain and straight mixed race relationships. Thank science for the new world order and Beelzebub’s mind control.

Sam Levinson should be punished for creating this. Sam Hyde gets blacklisted for creating the TV show World Peace for having some far-right opinions. He is one of the greatest artists of our generation, and in return he gets his show pulled. While filth like this can continue to influence the culture.


I got pretty far, but haven’t finished it. I’ll update here when I do.