Ethan Klein Encourages People To Bomb The NRA

Ethan Klein Encourages People To Bomb The NRA
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This man wants them dead. All the conservatives pushing for more dead kids he wants them blown to smithereens. That’s how he sees it. He’s a liberal Jewish grifter that just acts on emotion. This comment he made shows that our enemies want us dead. The real thing to notice is his channel is still up and he has received no form of suspension or denouncement from anyone he’s affiliated with.

If you said that about your enemies you’d get up banned and an fbi visit. Possible charges, social life ruined, etc. Ethan Klein is the mouthpiece of the Brandon regime so it’s hands off. Calls for violence aren’t technically illegal unless it’s against a specific individual at at time/place. See here.

It’s just a pick and choose for them. The rules only apply to us. That’s why we have to cheat at the game. Winning is all that matters. We can still win peacefully.

All I want is peace in this world.


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Ethan “9/11 2 is fine” Klein needs to calm down.