DOOMERFEST Archive And My Thoughts

DOOMERFEST Archive And My Thoughts

My Thoughts:

Glad people had fun and think the work that went into this is admirable. The stage looks ok and the sound is alright. The millennial wiggers @ 1:15:00 in Doomerfest day 2 are faggots and should be banned from going anywhere ever. It’s not a good look. They go up and get in Cowboy Joker’s face intimidating him and then shit talk other epunk musicians. Not the time or place and did it while looking like queers. Brynn getting punched in the face was really cringe. Eggy’s, C9k, and Gez’s sets were great. I have no idea why Gez would play after all these people shit on her but whatever. Seems most of the problems stem from all this gay drama. I didn’t even watch the whole thing tbh. I don’t think a normal person would watch this and think “this looks like fun, I want to go”. Virginfest felt less dysfunctional.

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found you through googling doomerfest on some search engine i’d never heard of. interezting site and article.

thanks, and thanks! i’ll keep an eye on this place 😺