Costumed Nazis Protest Drag Show

Costumed Nazis Protest Drag Show

This is a sure way to convince normal people to believe in your cause.

No matter who you are, what race or religion, we can all come together and agree this looks retarded and ugly. If they wanted to be feared and look like the bad guys they didn’t even do that correctly. The only thing comparable to these Nazis in media are the oaf henchmen of Gotham or something akin to that. Optics and rhetoric are essential to convincing the masses. At the very least you must look competent and seem like you hold some sort of authority. This makes you look weak.

To Segway into a perfect example, I was watching Sam Hyde’s stream when a superchatter asked his opinion on the infamous Omegle troll Gypsy Crusader. Here’s the clip:

Gypsy is irrelevant to Sam and any association is another weight on his neck.

Kinda kek how Sam went from doing everything in his power to prop up the dissident right to slowly start to disassociate from it all. His views haven’t changed but there’s nothing to gain from it anymore and 99% of the DR is made up of freaks. He’s had mainstream success multiple times and he’s still blacklisted from shit because people think he’s a nazi. We need to have so much more to offer than just the truth because the risk does not outweigh the reward.
It’s a really hard balance, but normies do like edge when it’s not irl. The biggest podcasts are on true crime. All the biggest names in culture have used edge to gain fame. It’s all about how you present it, that’s what optics is. Just be normal with a flare unique enough to appeal to the masses. Nick Fuentes did this perfectly in even the subtlest of ways. Look at how his show looks like a news studio. The way he talks mimics a Fox News host. Even the late night news leftist hosts pointed this out a couple months ago. Compare this to goyim tv. The name assumes you know about Jewish culture enough to know what goyim is. If you do know what goyim means you infer that the site is all about jews, which it is. All their real life activism gives a low-class vibe.
Be normal, look cool, have confidence, and be yourself.
For this article I could’ve used a pic of the protesters but I didn’t. Why is that? It’s because I still want to keep a nice aesthetic, I want to look better than others. It also shows the contrast from the historic Nazis in their Hugo Boss uniforms to these freaks in masks. The dissident right has already had this battle and optics won. The only reason these weirdos are being amplified is to make us all look bad. Even if they aren’t they are still working to that end.

If you are still undecided on how IRL activism should play out, just stay online. Better yet log off.


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