Consensual Rape

Consensual Rape


How We Can $till Win

From The Manson File

Censored Portion From Charles Manson’s Nightwatch Interview:

Rose: Tell me how you feel about racism. The reason I ask you that is because the charge was at that time that you were projecting a holy war, and it was black militants who were going to take over the country, and you were going to hide out in the desert and you were going to ride in and take command.
Manson: That is the district attorney’s fantasy.
Rose: Never happened?
Manson: That’s his fears. That’s a reflection of his fears.
Rose: No racism in Charlie Manson’s soul?
Manson: Sure. Hell yes, all the way down the line. Hell, yes. Hell yes, but it wasn’t what the D.A. said.

Rose: In what way was it different?
Manson: Order. There’s an order in the universe, man. I don’t make it. It’s there with or without me. It’s there.


Rose: Some people will say that those murders, the Tate/La- Bianca murders defrocked the flower movement. Do you believe this?

Manson: I believe this. That there was a cause moving in the street. There was Jane Fonda up there preaching one thing, there was Jerry Rubin preaching another, there was Timothy Leary up there preaching something, and all those children from 1960 to 1967 don’t lose your attention on me now, from all the way to 1967 had their minds set by your Jews’ media, by your—

Rose: Why do you make that sort of racial, that ethnic slur, Jews’ media?
Manson: It wasn’t meant to be that. It was just meant to be the fact of what it is, man. I don’t have any bad going one way or another, you know.
Rose: But you know you did it.
Manson: I’m their savior as much as I’m yours, you know.
Rose: Were you fascinated by Mussolini and Hitler?
Manson: No. I never thought about Hitler or Mussolini that much until the district attorney had a Jewish guy in behind him helping him with this, and he kept pushing it over on me. That’s why I got a Jewish lawyer, to try to show that I was not—that cost me my life there—to show that I wasn’t pushing that madness. Then I got to looking at it. Beyond the hate of it, I got to seeing the Jews do run everything.

Powerful pedophiles are waging war against the common man. It’s the cross vs. the cube. In the last couple years you’ve seen just how bad things can get. Even three years ago people would never think that the American people would put up with what we’ve been forcced to put up with. Lockdowns without precedent or reason, Blm riots completely tearing through every major American city, mass shortages, blatant election fraud, harsh crackdown on Capitol protestors, borders nonexistent, and vaccine mandates just to name some of the major events since the beginning of 2020. We’ve given them consent by shaking our head and going “that’s crazy”. Moving out of the city and networking in small communities. Go to church, help others out, work minimum wage doing manual labor or whatever you can. This is survival.

From Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare – Michael A. Hoffman II

They brag to us about what they’ve gotten away with and we’re thrilled by it. That’s our only significant response, that and the anticipation of the next thrill.
Thus the old strategy of exposing the cryptocracy, when applied blindly in the belief that this in itself is a potent weapon against cryptocracy, is bankrupt. Exposure and publicity by themselves, without a broader understanding of the epistemology of the Hermetic-alchemical control process itself, is worse than useless, it actually plays into the hands of the conspirators.
Moreover, to whom are we directing the exposure, anyway? Who do we imagine comprise the audience that will respond and take effective action? Faith in the power of exposing crimes and their perpetrators to the light of day presupposes an audience of human beings who will intuit, fight, resist, remember.
I remember Budd Dwyer’s televised suicide. The Pennsylvania official prefaced his broadcast, TV self-immolation with a quote from one of his associates who told Dwyer that the American people had become too jaded about “routine” investigations into political corruption on TV’s Sixty Minutes and 20/20 to care very much about the corruption Dwyer sought to expose.
Mr. Dwyer decided that a population so jaded would need a spectacular sacrificial victim to shake it awake from its apathy and therefore he shot himself in front of TV cameras at a news conference.
But his televised suicide did no such thing. Instead it became, like virtually everything else that appears on television, a trivialized part of the entertainment videodrome. It merely raised the stakes for the next human life to exceed in terms of violence and horror and brutalization, as public fare.


From CNN:

The nation’s top infectious disease expert says vaccine mandates work and they’ll help get more people vaccinated against Covid-19.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday that the federal government is trying to persuade people to get vaccinated on their own, but some may need to be required.

“We’ve obviously been trying very hard,” Fauci said. “We try to get trusted messengers out there and try and get this away from being an ideological or political statement, get back into the realm of pure public health, and try to convince people.”

Fauci said he and fellow heath officials don’t like to tell people what they need to do with regard to vaccines.

“But we know that mandates work,” he said.

Fauci has been the media’s go to for guidance since we have entered the age of covid. He’s been the mouth piece of science. Now he is openly saying that vaccine mandates will get the job done.

The FDA is considering a request from Pfizer to authorize its Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. The dosage would be one-third the amount used by teens and adults.

They want to vaccinate your kids with experimental gene therapy. This is really satanic, you see how bad things can snowball.

From CBS news:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday banning “any entity” in the state from enforcing a vaccine mandate. Abbott had previously issued orders banning government officials and entities from instating mask mandates.

“No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19,” the order reads. “I hereby suspend all relevant statutes to the extent necessary to enforce this prohibition.”

Those found in violation of the order will be subject to a fine.

You can’t get blackpilled. There is still resistance, we can’t get picky here about hidden motives or whatever. Whatever we can use against the system and the vaccine mandate.

Narcissistic Edge

Fuck you motherfucker. I’m angry. Don’t touch me. I’ll hurt myself. I’ll kill you. Dumb bitch. F off. I’m on the edge

I logged on to an old Instagram account the other day and saw a few of my old classmates profiles by mistake. It was surreal. Looked the same but also looked completely fabricated. Like a Truman Show moment sort of. I don’t think I could ever go back to a semi-normal life. Fuck these people man. I don’t mean fake in a weird astrology negro spiritual gossip way. Not fake as in they do one thing and say another. Fake as in they seem like they’re made out of micro plastics. They are all the same. They spend a lot of time on social media yet every profile seems to fit a certain genre. I understand that to make it in this world you have to make yourself marketable. That shouldn’t mean becoming a product. Maybe they were always copy and pasted personalities. NPCs will always be more successful than me. I hate and resent them for being happy and loved and hate myself for being resentful.

Everyone I’ve ever tried to connect with has shown me nothing but disgust. Just found out a cute goth girl use to like me. Years have past. So many lost opportunities. I’ll never make it. Too dumb to see what’s going on right now. I’ll look back and realize everything I missed out on.