Buckshot – Burning Barn MIXTAPE REVIEW

Buckshot – Burning Barn MIXTAPE REVIEW

“If I had a gun, I think I’d blow my head off
Red trail kiss the sky when I throw my molotov
Buckshot give no fuck, man, I never gave a fuck
And if I had a gun I’d shoot at every single cop”

-Buckshot, If I Had a Gun

Hey everyone. gangthany gangtano here, Internet’s most stoned music nerd. And it’s time for a review. Of the new Buckshot mixtape, Burning Barn.

Buckshot is the newest addition to the Haunted Mound collective. You might be familiar with Haunted Mound through Sematary and Ghost Mountain fame. Buckshot first jumped onto the scene back in March 2021 with the single treehouse, with oscar18. He continued to release music singles sporadically in the last year. The Haunted Mound sound is alive and well here. Chaotic production with heavy synths. Overlade vocals of drones. Dark and tongue and cheek lyrics. But whether you’re a new comer or well acquainted with the Sematary and the like, you are in for a good time.

I’m feeling a light 8 to a strong 9 on this thing. What do you guys think of this thing? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What should I review next? Anthony Fantano. Buckshot. Forever.


Keepe Out, Revenant, If I Had A Gun, Haunted Hayride



Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

Listen Here:

Buckshot – BURNING BARN (Keepe Out video OUT NOW) – Amplify.link, empowering artists and creators