Baptist Leaders Responsible For Sex Abuse (All Other Religious Leaders Innocent)

Baptist Leaders Responsible For Sex Abuse (All Other Religious Leaders Innocent)

This will bring unity in the church for sure.

From NPR:

Top administrative leaders for the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in America, said Tuesday that they will release a secret list of hundreds of pastors and other church-affiliated personnel accused of sexual abuse.

An attorney for the SBC’s Executive Committee announced the decision during a virtual meeting called in response to a scathing investigative report detailing how the committee mishandled allegations of sex abuse and stonewalled numerous survivors.

During the meeting, top leaders and several committee members vowed to work toward changing the culture of the denomination and to listen more attentively to survivors’ voices and stories.

The 288-page report by Guidepost Solutions, which was released Sunday after a seven-month investigation, contained several explosive revelations. Among those were details of how D. August Boto, the Executive Committee’s former vice president and general counsel, and former SBC spokesman Roger Oldham kept their own private list of abusive pastors. Both retired in 2019. The existence of the list was not widely known within the committee and its staff.

As religiosity dwindles, why don’t we release a list of preachers accused of sexual abuse? Sounds like a great idea for an organization to gain new members. We don’t have to tell our enemies anything and all this does is give them plenty of ammo. This is part of the whole conservative protestant boomer spirit of shooting themselves in the foot by playing by their enemies rules. These abusers should have been let go or let the cops deal with them. Why let every news outlet know the church is filled with pervs? Real winning move.

What even counts as sex abuse anymore? Why don’t we talk about how teachers rape and molest children all the time? We all saw stuff like that first hand when we were kids. People don’t throw that up to discredit the education system, though they should.