Libtard Faggots Fuck Off: Atlanta Antifa EXPOSED

Libtard Faggots Fuck Off: Atlanta Antifa EXPOSED

These people are nobodies paid by some government entity to write hit pieces on teens making soundcloud rock about being depressed. This time they completely doxed Shooter’s house and encourage you to harass his family at church. They link to a doxbin of Gezebelle Garburgably, who was a minor at the time that dox was posted I believe.

From Atlanta Antifa:

“Negative XP”/“School Shooter” is the most influential “incelcore” artist and serves as the founder and flagship artist for the movement. Shooter headlined the “Virginfest” music festival in Atlanta, GA on September 11, 2021, that saw participants chanting racial slurs and attracted alt-right ur-father Andy Nowicki. Shooter is closely connected to white supremacist, Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and streamed on Fuentes’ “Cozy TV” platform. We previously covered shooter in a Twitter thread, but can now provide further documentation and identification.

“Incelcore” emerged as a distinct subculture in late 2019 with the release of “MK Ultra Support Group”, a compilation album put together by Negative XP and featuring other artists. Shooter had formerly used the artist name “School Shooter”, or in his spelling, “ϟCHØØL ϟHØØTΣR” (note the use of the stylized Nazi Schutzstaffel lightning bolt runes). The first Negative XP song on the compilation, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Ruined a Whole Generation of Women”, is emblematic of the entire genre, with the lyrics “She’s a whore, a hole, a dime-a-dozen Jezebel”.

Notably, many of the incelcore artists are not literally incels in the sense of “involuntary celibate”, but use the phrase as internet shorthand for their far-right beliefs and virulent misogyny. The scene is a mix of true believers and ironic edgelords, with the edgelords serving as cover for the true believers to indoctrinate more people to their worldview, which goes beyond simple misogyny into an eliminationist stance that celebrates the mass murder of women.

Besides his lyrics, Shooter engages in other forms of hateful incitement. Shooter has a history of using Nazi symbols. On his Twitter, he encourages cyberbullying of trans people, LGBTQIA+ people, sex workers, all women, and anyone else he views as “degenerate”. While Shooter uses his music as a form of metapolitics to influence culture towards far-right politics, he is also directly connected to prominent figures and movements in the far right.

We are including action items at the bottom, with information on how to cancel an incelcore show when they occur in your area, and action items regarding Shooter.

Nigga I am not reading all of that lmao. Imagine writing all of that, couldn’t be me.

After doing a little search I found some info about antifa’s online presence:

This is public knowledge, but could be useful. If Atlanta Antifa doesn’t take down their article I’ll keep updating this page if any other information on them is found.

From Left Coast Watch:

A show featuring “incelcore” artists that was set to take place in Las Vegas was quickly canceled after locals reached out to the prospective venue about the hyper-misogynistic “involuntary celibate” subculture’s hateful nature.

Near the edge of the arts district, 11th Street Records had planned to host “RockAngels 2” in their combination vinyl store and recording studio venue on March 26. Ostensibly, it was just another punk show, but locals noticed that the lineup included several performers with connections to the far-right, as well as acts that previously played at “Virginfest,”—another incelcore show that attracted prominent bigots.

I’ve been promoting Rockangels 2 and Doomerfest since they were announced. This article mentions things that happened recently and you would have to have been keeping a close eye on the people that orbit the incelcore/epunk scene to even know most of this. It’s interesting. Even though this “scene” is pretty small it has been infiltrated by ops. Of course this was going to happen. These venues aren’t going to host bands or musicians if you aren’t going to where a dress and be a fag. Idk what else to say, it sucks, but that’s how it is.

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