Anne Frank And The Long Term Effects Of MKULTRA

Anne Frank And The Long Term Effects Of MKULTRA

The other day I was adding Sodaboy64’s cover of Anne Frank to Viceroy Tv and needed a cover photo. Naturally I searched google images and instantly on page load I felt sick. I was uneasy and full of dread. But why?

Anne Frank is a ghastly character. Her sunken eyes, long nose, and jagged teeth make her look like a corpse. Was it just this as to why I felt so ill? No, because my conscience felt disturbed. My mind instantly slung back to when I was in third grade watching “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” and writing holocaust facts.

I was made to feel this way. To feel responsible for this girl’s death. And as I looked as this picture I felt that same guilt. This is very similar to The Clockwork Orange’s the Ludovico Technique. In the movie Alex is forced to watch different horrors of humanity while classical music plays in the background. This makes it so when he feels the urge to do a harmful act he gets terribly sick. Your parents paid for this to be done to you.

But it wasn’t just this. When the redpill turns your world upside down everything becomes inverted. Good is bad and bad is good. So now this picture stood for a great evil in my life. Her story is used to justify every wrong committed by our enemies everyday.

It’s important to realize they hurt you when you were too young to fight back. Many of our peers who see the light still are susceptible to these mechanisms. It’s why some redpillers don’t like you saying nigger, praising Hitler, or hating on women. We associated a psychological distress with these before we knew the alphabet.

The solution to this problem is harsh deprogramming. Desensitize yourself to extreme reactions to Jewish subversion. You don’t have to become an extremist but this is 100% necessary for you to do if you want to live a healthy life. 


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