Anhero – Anhero ALBUM REVIEW

Anhero – Anhero ALBUM REVIEW

Hey everyone. Christhany Chantano here, Internet’s gayest music nerd. And it’s time for a review. Of the new Anhero album, Self-titled.

Anhero is a relatively new music outfit out of the genre incelcore. Incelcore is most known for artist Negative Xp or Shooter and has made recently made some waves with the music festival virginfest. Anhero first jumped onto the scene back in November 2020 with the single Wasted Youth, which is included on this tape. This collection is more of a compilation of singles released throughout the the last ten months. But whether you’re a new comer or well acquainted with the artist, you are in for a good time.

The album hits the ground running with the ballad Dejected. A song about a suicidal outcast who feels like things can only get worse. With a sing songy chorus and a thrashing solo that suddenly closes the song out, this is sure to be a favorite. Without a breathe we’re greeted to For The Hell Of It featuring the obviously British musician Dethtech (who you can listen to more here). This track has a similar theme of hating yourself and wanting to die, which is complimented well with the hard hitting instrumentals.

A bit of a switch up we have Out To Lunch, a song detailing a young man’s frustration with his broken mind. In between chorus and verse we are gifted to nice ow’s climaxing is a trudging chorus. More of a slower number that still keeps up the energy. Gives the feeling of rushing down a hill on your skateboard while trying to avoid traffic.

College Cunts is my personal favorite. Starting out with an old Million Dollar Extreme sample, and before we know it we’re in a diatribe on the apathetic anger that the American formal education environment could only bring.

Next up we have Tell Me why a cover of the penpals hit that was the opening of the anime Berserk. If you love the original and have a special place for Kentaro Miura, this is a fantastic rendition.

Sick of it, skateboard, I’m miserable, are the next three tracks recorded with muffled vocals and more of an abrasive, uncut feel. These harken back to high school garage band demos.

In closing, this album deserves a lot more attention than its getting. In the current year when the top 40 are filled with droning tracks and uneventful vocals, It’s nice to hear something an artist doing something different. Filled with unrelenting energy and cries of defeat, you know he’s alive.

Do yourself a favor and check out Anhero, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m feeling a light 7 to a strong 8 on this thing. What do you guys think of this thing? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What should I review next? Anthony Fantano. Anhero. Forever.




Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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