Angry Incel Commentates On The News

Angry Incel Commentates On The News

There’s a lot of way more important happenings going on I could talk about but this caught my eye:

From Metro:

Embarrassingly, I only learned about ‘incels’ relatively recently, during one of those early-pandemic Zoom quizzes with friends we all convinced ourselves were a good idea.

What does that even mean??? The things Fucking normie npc libtard faggots do in their free time is disturbing and sick and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Zoom quizzes? I was hitting my juul while playing the last of us and skipped all my zoom classes I believe.

These people do buzzfeed style quizzes in zoom for fun. Millennials are a different breed. They should be called the cards against humanity generation to shame them.

‘Incel’ stands for ‘involuntary celibate’ – and while it can appear from the outside as a bunch of white, male virgins who can’t get laid and blame women for not wanting to have sex with them, it’s bigger and more extreme than that.

You can stop there that does explain me pretty much.

Once you start to dive deeper into the incel community, you realise that there’s signs of their ideology absolutely everywhere. 

It’s the men who sneer at ‘loud’ groups of girls on the bus, refuse to move out the way when women are walking towards them, and glare at women harmlessly doing mascara on their morning commute.

Has it ever dawned on you that women are just annoying to be around and just simple acts they do hold a tension in the air that fills some men with understandable rage? Women shouldn’t be loud, in a man’s way or driving nonetheless putting on mascara while driving.

This is a long article so I’ll skip ahead for our adhd bros out there.

From New York Magazine:

No lawmaker in recent memory has inspired such fervent, bipartisan speculation as Madison Cawthorn. The young, right-wing first-term member of Congress has generated so many horrible news stories, ranging from the personal to the ideological, that observers have grown obsessed with locating the unifying thread that explains it all. Is he a secret Nazi? Some kind of sex weirdo? A compulsive liar?

These are all plausible theories. But I am increasingly drawn to a novel explanation of Cawthorn’s frenetic generation of terrible news stories: He has made a list of every major political scandal and is attempting to commit all of them.

They are going after Cawthorn for simply saying that there’s orgies in DC and for being anti-Ukraine. That’s what’s going on here. He didn’t do what they said so they’re dragging him through the dirt. I don’t support the guy really, I don’t think he’s America First but he (possibly unknowingly) took shots at Con Inc and the sharks came out.

These young candidates need to realize they are either America First are they must sell their souls to satan. There is no in between. Playing the fence will get you killed by both sides. They must remember that.