Wow, What A Total Virginfest (archive)


Hosted By : punished raven (@copkiller1999) / Twitter

Musicians preforming:

shooter (@negativexp123) / Twitter

Hard ✞ Christ (@HardDiaperFur) / Twitter

guy who personifies “luck of the irish” (@hotleather) / Twitter

Toby Reynaldo (@officialeggwhite) • Instagram photos and videos

Greens On Toast | Free Listening on SoundCloud

BadTakesOnly (@Bad_Takes_Only) / Twitter

anhero (@anhero13337) / Twitter

gezebelle gaburgably (@gzbllgbrgbly) / Twitter

☼ (@gjallarhornit) / Twitter

Date: 9/11/21

Price: free

Address: the woods

Time: 5pm


Here’s a good article I found on the event. Check it out, he’s a good writer.

Some highlights:

A streamer named Chicken Andy tried to stream the event. He ended up getting confronted by a group of African Americans that weren’t too happy with his tts donations loudly saying the n word. He got scuffed up and later arrested for “loitering”. Free Chicken Andy.

Around this time, Atlanta division of Antifa got wind of the event. Detailing performers and event organizers as having fascist and white nationalists connections. This was because they followed Stonetoss.

After this the event was forced to be moved to a location in a nearby park last minute.

Now things were looking dark. What were they going to do? Things turned out better than expected. Two Antifa members showed up to antagonize and that was it. Later there were alleged bomb threats, they didn’t amount to much. The cops did show up but were more than friendly to the incel teens.

A success all things considered.

Raven did get fired from her job because she hosted the event. If you want to support her you can add to the gofundme or buy Virginfest merch at the links below. The fallout resulting from Virginfest against these kids and young adults has been pretty disgusting. Majority of the concert goers are apolitical, if antisocial individuals that just wanted to have fun. Antifa was just playing the fun police and did a lot of damage on the organizer’s life, very sad. This is to be expected now, if you’re a bit out of the box and trying something different you will be cast out and ridiculed from the crowd.

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