Eve Of Destruction

But you tell me over and over and over again my friend
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say?
Can’t you feel the fear that I’m feeling today?

-Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction

We stand with the Taliban.

What a week its been! The vibes are changing. Different wavelengths have emerged. I would like to congratulate the Taliban on getting back their land which was rightfully theirs. We’re suppose to see a group of hyper-reactionary religious fundamentalist chasing the foot soldiers of the fag nation agenda away and disapprove? Not me.

Washington Post

As the Taliban swept into power across Afghanistan, it captured many millions, perhaps billions, of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment that had once belonged to Afghan forces.

Footage from areas captured by the militant group shows bedraggled but celebratory fighters in control of U.S.-made guns, armored vehicles and even Blackhawk helicopters and drones. Beyond the flashy hardware, experts are also concerned that the extremist group would now be in charge of sophisticated technology, including biometric devices used by the U.S. military to identify Afghans who assisted Americans and allies.

It’s an impressive haul for a group that was once dismissed as a band of rural Luddites when it emerged in the 1990s. But despite its austere interpretations of Islam and rejection of much of modern society, the Taliban has shown flexibility when it comes to technology. It is already active on the Internet and social media. And its fighters are no strangers to U.S. military equipment.

“The Taliban have already been using sophisticated military equipment that they have captured from Afghan national security forces in recent years,” said Robert Crews, an expert on Afghanistan at Stanford University. “They have used everything from night vision goggles and scopes to sniper rifles and armored vehicles and artillery.”

The only thing I’ve learned through the last week is just how professional the Taliban really is. These aren’t savage beasts living in the mountains. They are just a group of men that want to restore order to their land and do right in the eyes of their God.

Every week it seems we are seeing another huge historical moment unfold on our screens, but this one is for you. I talked about 9/11’s shadow on our country here. After being lied to for decades on why we need to send our sons and daughter over seas to defend our freedom from cave dwellers and having the narrative change from “revenge for 9/11” to “spread democracy and protect our freedoms” to “save the women and children from sharia law”. Since the Taliban victory, the media has pulled out all the stops trying to make this look horrible.

Bombs Away

The old Nintendo DS had some great coverage of this with video of the livestream taken from the the suspect. Read it all here.

It should be made clear that even looks like it’s committed us will be used against use so viciously nobody will be left. It would look like what the Allies did to the Axis power Civilians post-WW2 times ten. Many argue that things will continue to get worse anyway so why not try and fight about with violence. While it is true that things will get worse, the solution isn’t a violent precisely because violence offers a precedent in for them to go all out on us and have the masses on their side. They want you to bomb a federal building. You can feel it in the air, more false flags to come.


Not A Fan

Onlyfans has 130 million users and all of them degenerates. This is a win in a way.

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