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How 2 Prepare 4 A Root Cellar


What is a root cellar?

A root cellar is a structure, preferably below grade, used to store perishable goods as a natural refrigeration. A good root cellar will be able to stay 40°F cooler than the outside air.

What do you need for a good root cellar? 


-Earthen Shelter



The most efficient way to dig a root cellar is to put it below grade, using the earth already available and compacted. Sometimes digging can be very difficult due to rocks or quite literally, roots. There are machines you can use to break everything up. But what if that isn’t an option?

In digging and mining, blasting is used to quickly break up impassible rock and even root systems occasionally. Blasting is always a last resort and should only be handled by experts. This channel will not be liable for any improper handling. Always check local laws before attempting any blasting.

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