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Cum 2 My Sinful Senses

So horny, need to bust. I use to jack off seventy times a day sometimes. Do you believe me? Imaginary scenarios of the local Waffle House waitress in every position you could think of. She’s always been nice to me. Never really talked to her besides very short small talk. The way that I repay her is violating her body sexually in my mind. I wonder if her Dad is still in the picture? I think she mentioned him once. She’s almost thirty and single, something’s gotta be wrong with her. A lot of women have been raped or molested as kids. Not many people talk about this. I know a girl who was raped by freemasons. She now has multiple personality disorder. I know another lady who’s father fucked her in the mouth so much when she was little she still gets lockjaw in the morning. I am not joking. Think about what a generation of people raised on the most depraved porn will be like as parents. What are the effects of incest porn on family relations? Show me that study. Show me your sins.

Lo$t N Tha World

Your life was suppose to be like a Disney movie. It was suppose to be like an eighties John Hughes film. Cutting class with your friends. partying on the weekends. Making connections and memories that will last a lifetime. Only stress you have is how you’re going to get alcohol and not getting caught by your parents. By your early to mid twenties your life is pretty much set. Wife, family, career, and community all stagnant. Only worries are the normal tragedies that have always plagues life. Death and sin. Whatever else. You can’t capture it again. You might’ve had it or got a glimpse, but that’s it. If you missed it you won’t get it again.


Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them: and I will make of thee a great nation.

-Exodus 32:10

God’s anger and love is something modern man can’t understand.

ABC News

There are still a handful of flash flood watches across parts of the Northeast Sunday. That is because some of the rain is still moving out and could cause some additional flooding. Some more rain showers will linger in parts of New England through the day Sunday. On Monday, there will still be an isolated chance of a shower, but overall the region will be drier and milder.

Temperatures will drop to comfortable levels in the Northeast for the next 48 hours, before the heat builds back up on Tuesday.

In the West, there are fire alerts from California to Wyoming. In California, monsoon storms could bring dry lightning which could easily start wildfires.


The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is now at 298,662 acres, still 22% contained. The Tamarack Fire in Alpine County, California, which began earlier in July, is at 18,299 acres and 0% contained. This fire rapidly grew this weekend and there are new evacuation orders for parts of the region.

The Beckwourth Complex Fire burning in northern California, near Beckwourth is currently at 105,348 acres, 73% contained. The Dixie Fire burning in northern California’s Butte County is at 15,074 acres and 15% contained.

The River Fire burning in Mariposa County, California, is at 9,656 acres and 75% contained. The Snake River Complex Fire burning in west central Idaho, not far from the Oregon state line is at 103,907 acres, 44% contained. And the Red Apple Fire burning in central Washington state at 11,952 acres and 78% contained.

A third of the state of California is now in an “exceptional drought.” This is the highest drought level. Three months ago the drought was just 5%.

Red Flag Warnings are in effect from California to Idaho Sunday afternoon. Excessive heat will continue Sunday in parts of Idaho and Montana. The heat will slide eastward this weekend and give some of the upper Midwest hot temperatures including parts of North Dakota which could be over 100 degrees during the first part of this week.

Later today and then again on Monday, monsoon moisture surging up across much of the West will trigger scattered thunderstorms into portions of the region over the next couple of days. Some of the thunderstorms will bring torrential rain and other drier ones will bring the threat of dry lightning.

Afternoon temperatures in southern Idaho and eastern Montan will hit the triple digits on Sunday afternoon. The heat eases tomorrow in Idaho, however much of the eastern half of Montant will see highs in the triple digits yet again. Daily record highs will be possible on Monday in Billings and Glasgow, Montanta.

Flash flood watches are in effect across much of New Mexico, including Albuquerque, and into parts of southern California, west of Palm Springs.

We hear about the West burning and the East flooding every year. Has anyone considered that this is God’s punishment? Not saying it is, just saying to consider it.

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