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The Tragedy Of Our Nation

Imagine being born into a world that no longer exists.

Growing up in a post 9/11 world, we have a worldview other generations could never understand. The American psyche was badly hurt and as a defense mechanism Americana flooded everything. So parents would feel better about sending their children off to fight a war that didn’t make sense, they were give empty images of what it meant to be an American. BBQs with country classics or 70s rock filling the air. Staged videos of our troops destroying our enemies statues. Beer and fireworks. God will get us through. Etc. American Protestantism was used as a last ditch resort to push war. If that ever fell through, never forget never forget.

These are all nice things. But it was all a cope. These people would never have their country back and their sons are all dead. A fugue state polluted their minds after this. You can’t criticize America.

2008 hit, one of the only things keeping the American dream alive (the economy) was in shatters. Most people just accepted the world as it was. Not like they would lose much either way. Barack Obama was elected as a promise For hope and change. As the first black President, many thought that our troubled history would be put behind us forever. By 2015 we were war torn, nothing was the same. Everything was new and soulless. A nation of men without a country.

2016 Donald J. Trump announced that he would run for President. He was scoffed at for his millionaire and cultural status. Everyone just thought he was a joke candidate doing it for publicity. The man nearly opens his speech with “we don’t have victories anymore” he exclaims later “the American Dream is dead”. He calls out the war for being a scam. He pushes hard against immigration by calling them “drug dealers, criminals, rapists, and some of them, I suppose, are good people.”

This was a music to the ears of white middle Americans who had been cast out of jobs and watched their neighborhoods go down hill from illegals. He made us feel proud of our Country again, he made us who we are.

This was the man that the prophet used foretold. The one that would rise up and say what we’ve all been thinking. He said it right to their faces. Hilarious too, and a millionaire. God had blessed us with a leader that truly was made for the history books, a king.

Fast forward to July 4th, 2021, you can still see the gates surrounding the White House. Inside those gates, a puppet sits on the stolen throne. In a few short months everything has gone so terribly wrong. Trusting the plan did nothing. The supporters of the king are being tortured while he brings the realization home everyday that passes that the old man has died and the new one is here to stay. And that one is, an average politician.

“We can make America great again, we still have that chance”

-Donald Trump

“We are two countries, two peoples. An older America is passing away, and a new America is coming into its own. The new Americans who grew up in the 1960s and the years since did not like the old America. They thought it a bigoted, reactionary, repressive, stodgy country. So they kicked the dust from their heels and set out to build a new America, and they have succeeded. To its acolytes the cultural revolution has been a glorious revolution. But to millions, they have replaced the good country we grew up in with a cultural wasteland and a moral sewer that are not worth living in and not worth fighting for—their country, not ours.”

-Patrick J. Buchanan, The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization