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No Sense Makes Sense

God Told Me To

It’s 1969

Drugged out hippies litter the streets of San Francisco. Filthy, degenerate lowlifes, too spaced out to do anything worthwhile, peace-loving scum just waiting for the next “head-trip”.

The weak directionless youth gather in Haight-Ashubury, celebrating their own shitty “summer of love”.

All that is about to change, however…..

Enter Charles Miles Manson, life-long petty criminal, car-thief, con-man, pimp, straight outta prison and eager to join the fun.

Manson had by then spent most of his time in juvenile institutions and prisons. A man raised in jail, by the code of the outlaw with a philosophy stemming from the prison yard; survival of the fittest.

Manson took this ideology to the streets and he soon had a following of young kids run always juvenile delinquent scum, eager to follow a leader, any leader. Easy prey for a hardened predator.

But the mixture of LSD tripping hippies and Manson’s jailhouse tactics proved to be a lethal cocktail.

Media Sickness

The media again and again stage a play where ignorant tv reporters play moral judge to an Audience of tv zombies, brain-washed into seeing Manson as “the most dangerous man alive” an unrepentant madman, the stereotypical serial killer.

A person to truly hate, no matter what.

It seems today, these tv hosts have become Manson’s new “Family”.

Maybe we should question them instead.

What’s Wrong With Murder?

Through the times, many groups, ranging from far-left to far-right, have embraced Manson as their hero.

So it should come as no surprise then, that even today he has sympathizers, even though the naive smiling faces of free-loving hippies have been replaced by the hard looks of self-styled Satanists and social darwinists.

These people are Manson’s true legacy.