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Ballad Of Oxy

This is an old article.

I would have treated her so good. I’ve never felt this way about a girl. I don’t care that she’s underage (seventeen) and dead, that’s a quote. I am not joking when I say that I fantasize about being married to her. I come home to our cozy cabin after a hard day at work. She’s been working on dinner in a nice dress, hair wrapped in a bandanna. She hugs me when I walk in. Gets my cigarette ready and lit. She lays on my chest as we rehash the days happenings. I still feel angry about things, but not really. It all fades away. Through the years we have have kids. All of this came so close to never happening.

Well that would’ve been my life had she not been a dumb whore bitch that got herself murdered by a queer.

on July 14, 2019, Brandon Andrew Clark murdered Bianca Michelle Devins after seeing her kiss another man, although police reports say the murder was premeditated. Following an immediate, and botched, suicide attempt, he was charged with second-degree murder. He subsequently pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Clark and Devins were friends before her murder; to what extent was unclear. Clark said he was her boyfriend and reportedly “wanted more”. Police supported the claim of an intimate relationship. Devins’ sister called him a close family friend, whereas others feared he was exploitative. A childhood friend noted him as “obsessive” and users on social media described him as a stalker and an incel.

Devins’ murder received considerable attention from the news and social media. Initial reports were marred by misinformation. Photos of her corpse were taken by Clark and shared widely online, sparking both mockery and sympathy. Social media companies’ responses were subject to criticism which led to the introduction of legislation inspired by Devins’ murder. Commentators have discussed the unique nature of the crime and its relation to the structure of social media.

The murder of Bianca Devins is a culturally significant event for zoomers.

Its Saturday night alone again
Why can’t you be my friend
I get cold when you’re around
Ghostly spirit
Let me down

Bianca Devins, XO_Willow

Nobody wants to talk badly about a dead girl. What could’ve been a great warning to girls on why not to be a whore. Became a way for the media to discuss the rising incel threat. Another reason to persecute white males. Bianca Devins was an angel, pure as can be. I’m sure she just wanted to pick flowers and be a future house wife. We lost something real special. If I may say, Bianca Devins murder was worse than the Holocaust. Definitely worse than 9/11. A national tragedy.

didn’t Bianca sell nude pictures of herself as a minor? the same girl that had 9 sexual partners at the age of 17?

who lost her virginity at 14?

the same chick who emotionally toyed with men who hovered around her.

the same chick who had a fantasy about being murdered.

the guy was a fucking psycho and no one deserved to die.but i’m not going to pretend her actions didn’t increase her chances of getting killed.

– Vlad Transylvania Mai (Kiwi Farms)

I want to have sex with Bianca Devins.

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