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2 A Girl I Used 2 Know

You like to swear? Wow that’s so quirky

I mean it’s so edgy and different. You’re rough around the edges. You’re not prim and proper like the other girls. You say what’s on your mind. You don’t give a fuck. You’re a bad bitch. Have you ever thought about how vulnerable you are? Any man could overpower you easily. You’re a public figure and post often. I can look at the meta data of your pics if I needed, but I think I can just look in the background of your pictures. You mentioned your road trip to Florida took 14 hours, right? I know I saw the Sears tower in a tiktok about going on a shopping spree. My guess would have to be Chicago. How much was that outfit you wear? I like how you look in it. I really really do. Those headphones look like the ones I use. So relatable to the boys, being a gamer and all. 500k and you’re still single? I guess you just haven’t found the right one yet. Do you ever walk alone home at night when you’re coming back from work? I know you work at the local target because you filmed a cute dance to the discord there. You probably don’t need to but you do.

What’s stopping you?

You still haven’t started an onlyfans yet, why is that? Thousands of guys ask for it in the comments section of your videos. Even the one about your dying grandma. Even the one with your little brother. They want to see more skin. Why don’t you want to give it to them? Bite your lip and wink. Dance more sensually, I need this. Lower cut tops and fishnets are much needed additions. I’ve seen your house, it’s really nice. Nicer than mine. You still live with your family. Parents and the aforementioned little brother. 2 dogs? I’ve heard the fights you’ve had with your parents. Trouble in paradise? It wouldn’t ever be like that I’d you were with me. Did you know I know how to cut the breaks from cars. Sorry I don’t like talking about myself. This is about you. As it always has been. Your Dad, you guys just can not get along. He’s still around which is surprising, no offense. He works a lot. Your Mom is always snapping at you too. You know how to put her in her place though. She seems to have something against you, weird. Anyway, I love your room. Your videos showed me some. But this is nice. I can see your camera even. I can see you right now, walking in and plopping on your bed and checking your phone. I watch you undress, I’m sorry I wanted to look away but sometimes I can’t help myself. I hope you’ll forgive me. You change into basketball shorts and a oversized tee. It took you an hour to wash off the makeup. You still look like an Angel. I see you walk to the light switch and flick it off. You disappear from my view. But you are still very much still there.