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Leaving Clown World

Remember when Sam Hyde told social justice warriors to stop whining at our victory. Trolling Shia Lebouf’s gay art exhibit “he will not divide us” with shalid’s tune and milk. Or even recently when Trump defended the proud boys. We were four years in power. Our greatest power move in the last one hundred years was played in twenty sixteen. There were many a kek to be had. Copes and seethes also by the other side.

Welcome To Hell World

It’s not funny anymore. We aren’t winning. Riding the wave is a lot more bumpy than it was in twenty sixteen. Trump isn’t around anymore to make everything feel ok and write a confident quip to leave you at ease. Don’t kill yourself though. Biden’s brain deteriorating more so terrifying and sad than hilarious. Gas prices rising and employment rates dropping are directly effecting your everyday life. The news is filled with war. Our kids are the ones that are becoming trannies and killing themselves, not forty year old weebs. The people profiting off of this are the ultra rich.

The ultra poor are receiving those table scraps. Middle class American families are getting raped. We are looking at a summer of Gotham city level violence. It’s terrible to see our race being persecuted. It’s actually not funny that our youth (who we as men should be protecting) is getting raped and molested right in front of us. Life isn’t cool when we have to give all our money to protect countries that actively hurt us. America is not our land! They’ve made that clear. Moreover, if you don’t do anything your kids will hate you so much. Your offspring will be crafted to want to kill you. Dyed hair, piercings, and tattoos as symbols that they are rebellious. Sexuality completely twisted and depraved due to some type of demonic act inflicted on their unstained psyche. Mental illness distorts their worldview and lulls them into complacency.

They are “gifted” with materialistic and technological goods that artificially fulfill their needs.

The art is ugly and the propaganda is prevalent. Nonstop brainwashing brought to you by billionaires that own the corporations that are destroying your communities. Everything is so soulless.

That’s Life

This is your world. Don’t let them take away your smile. No hope for a fulfilling future is presented anywhere. Modernity is atheistic materialism and if you don’t adhere to it kill yourself. Your literally caged with the lockdown, muzzled with the masks. The vaccine is poison and if you don’t take it you will be revoked privileges. Threatened constantly to adhere to walk the tight rope or you will be obliterated. My friends, here we are.

The CIA makes the memes. They’ve infiltrated the boards. You’re not safe if unless you’re borderline schizo paranoid. This is why I repeat free yourself. You must embrace Christ to free yourself from the chains of this world. To see them is not enough. To see them and reject Christ is to descend into madness. You’ll become what they say you are. And in doing so carry more weight.

Though we are living in a joke of a world, we must show joy. Confidence in each chuckle and ride the wave of absurdity. They are still the joke. Even though they are a much bigger threat to us now, what is there threats compared to our God?