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How 2 Disappear Online

Online Data Removal Workbook

This workbook is intended to be used as a guide for removing online public information about yourself and the people you care about.

We strongly urge everyone to follow this guide and make yourself a hard target for the antifa faggots and other amateur online snoops.

⚠️ Beware of the limitations! ⚠️

This workbook will not protect you from glow niggers, system pigs, private investigators or more advanced/determined adversaries.

Like all things related to Intel, this can and should be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Remove yourself from data brokerage websites. But bookmark those websites, understand how they function, and use them for your own investigative purposes.

This workbook is originally from the pages of Extreme Privacy by Michael Bazzell.

We highly recommend Michael Bazzell’s work for training and research purposes. More information can be found here: