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Broken Monoliths

“Most people have a very limited range of real life experiences. Television and films provide an enormous expansion of experience for the average person, by substituting artificial experiences for real experiences. On the television screen viewers experience artificial social relationships, artificial romances, artificial conflicts, artificial life. In advertisements they are given artificial ideals of beauty and fashion, artificial life-styles to which they can aspire.

And in their newspapers and news-magazines they are given a carefully filtered, a carefully slanted, view of what is happening in the world… And unfortunately most people do not have sufficient powers of discrimination to distinguish the artificial world of the media from the real world of everyday experience. The two worlds MERGE in their minds, and they can’t tell them apart. What people see on the television screen is not just entertainment; it is a collection of artificial experiences which merges with their collection of real experiences and gives them a new and largely artificial basis for evaluating things and making decisions.”

– William L. Pierce

9/11 was one of the most watched tragedies of all time. As the Twin Towers were falling, people all over America and the world were attached to a screen. They all had a similar feeling and thus were sending their energy to ground zero. The reality had broken. Gone was the norm. New York City, America’s heart land, was under attack. A nation of millions all sharing the same thoughts. First plane hits. Did a bomb blow up? That looks bad. A plane ran into the WTC? That’s such a terrible accident. The news anchors have no idea what’s going on and are just speculating. Cameras are on and aiming at the tower. The second plane hits. What was that? Disbelief, silence, screams, cries.

The Ash

The American mind was shaken awake to the new world. The nineties were said to be the end of the world and this solidified that as truth. Safety was stripped from a comfortable mass. Could there be another attack? Any second now. A great coming together ensued. This helped ease us back. What was offered to the American people for consolation was a war. Thousands of young men died under false pretenses and 9/11 was used as the rally cry.

The Screen

Going back to the screen. The screen is what we looked at. It is what conveyed this messaged with these images. The screen fractured the American mind. Replaying over and over all day was the images of thousands dying. The screen woke us up to what was going on. The people had no control. We regained control of the screen in the iphone, with a look similar to a monolith. We could now change the narrative and push back the curtain. 9/11 opened the stargate. Our collective consciousness was expanded. Half the people that died that day have never been identified. They were pulverized to dust. They told you to aim that anger at camel jockeys in the mountains of Afghanistan.