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I Don’t Speak To Whores

You should know that you’re better than an only fan

You don’t gotta make love to the palm of your hand

-Fedze, Only Fan

One of the biggest challenges young men face in your times is finding a wife. There are so many obstacles that no other generation has ever faced. Firstly, porn is introduced at eleven and their psyche is already botched. Pornography is poison to the male mind. It completely rearranges your brain chemistry and fries your dopamine receptors. Then, between single mothers and female teachers, men are raised almost entirely by women. A lack of a male role model is a permanent stain on your mind.

Secondly, look at the absolute state of women. Spend five minutes on tiktok and you’ll find dozens of girls your age. They are either dancing sensually to rap songs or spreading their political opinions. Normal non sexual dancing is nice to see but a majority of them are indecent. Moreover, look around you. More skin than cloth on their bodies. Why do Onlyfans girls always have self-harm scars? Hookup culture is the law of the land.

The Sexual Revolution And Its Consequences

What women have become the status quo. Women now have harems of orbiters. It used to be the other way around. The internet has ruined male and female relations. Females make the rules now. Think of the things that western women find attractive. They don’t even make since biologically. Tattoos, drug using, unnatural physique, etc. Where are the homemakers? Why would you want to work instead of raise children?

“Sex is too important a matter to be left to the independent judgment of young women, because young women rarely possess good judgment. The overwhelming majority of women will be happier in the long run by marrying an ordinary man and having children than by seeking sexual thrills, ascending the corporate heights or grinding out turgid tracts on gender theory. A woman develops an emotional bond with her mate through the sexual act itself; this is why arranged marriages (contrary to Western prejudice) are often reasonably happy. Romantic courtship has its harms, but is finally dispensable; marriage is not dispensable.”

-F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization

Sex and Candy

Is it worth it to burn down civilization for some pussy? That’s what the boomers thought. “You just need to get laid dude.” I disagree, you should have women bend toward you. Stop following your animalistic urges to simp. Stop hating your mother and picking up women as revenge to her. Women aren’t going anywhere. You have a nation to save.

“Envy of the male role has devastating consequences for women’s performance of their own proper role as well. Although it may be a secondary or supporting one in relation to men, it is indispensable for the survival of the race: the woman bears, nurtures, and to a great extent educates the rising generation. The feminist either refuses to fulfill her natural role or at best does so resentfully, sullenly, and poorly. For that reason, feminism should not be treated merely as a personal folly on the part of some misguided or spoiled women—it is a mortal threat to any society in which it truly takes hold. Enemies of heterossexual cooperation and procreation ar enemies of the human race.”

― F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization