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Smiling Friends: TV REVIEW

Smiling Friends is an Australian-American adult animated television series created by and starring Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack for Cartoon Network’s night-time programming block Adult Swim, which revolves around a business dedicated to making people smile.

Smiling Friends is the first new tv show in a very long time that I could sit through. Comedy tv especially is unbearable. I can’t think of one good show still on air. Zach Hadel is co-creator and star of the show. You might know him from Psychic Pebbles youtube fame. With this connection it might give you some indiction of what’s in store.

One thing in particular I like about this show is how it reminds me of Newgrounds animations mixed with early 2010s Cartoon Network programing. You can’t watch Adult Swim anymore without feeling like you are participating in some satanic mkultra experiment. Which is a shame because Adult Swim was a breeding ground for creativity in the early years.

Another aspect I enjoyed about the show is how it wasn’t trying to push in philosophic or political message in anyway. This is a breath of fresh air in our current climate.

It’s Called Programing 4 A Reason

It’s suprising this show is allowed on Adult Swim. Not because there’s any objectionable content, but because it’s funny.