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Gjallarhornit – Delilah EP REVIEW

“I don’t wanna see no good, no I don’t see no bad
And yeah I’ve taken lots of drugs and all they do is make me mad
Yeah I don’t wanna have no fun, no I don’t wanna see the sun
I’ll keep your finger on the trigger of a bullet from a gun”


Hey everyone. Dumbthany Sanstano here, Internet’s chillest music nerd. And it’s time for a review. Of the new Gjallarhornit album, Delilah.

Gjallarhornit is an older and unique outfit that’s generally associated with incelcore. Gjallarhornit first jumped onto the scene back in November 2019 with the single acid rabbit, under the moniker Birdbath. He continued to release music under birdbath until late 2020. On December 1st 2020 he released the EP fantasia, the first in what will be four eps and finally cumulating in an album. This EP feels like a perfect transition from the previous tallulah. But whether you’re a new comer or well acquainted with the artist, you are in for a good time.

The album hits the ground running with the ballad betelgeus. You can’t help but feel like racing down some backroads on a summer’s evening. when this comes on. With lyrics referencing the close endings of a fast life, a surf rock backdrop gives them a home and next to the well manipulated vocals.

A bit of a switch up we have cantata, with the mantra being “I don’t want to see nobody else” followed by ow’s or ee’s to sing along to. This might be the poppiest sounding on the record and is a one that doesn’t give you a chance to get bored or tired.

faggot greets us with raspy vocals and a real 60s feeling track. The mixing here also gives off a cool dreamlike vibe.

witch (whore) is the third track on the record featuring owen adamcik (listen to his work here). I would say this song has the most punk like sound. The uncut or raw feel of the ep really works here with owen really belting it out on the verses.

Next up we have a spell of primeval celtic sun worship for the sweet woman of the woods a instrumental track that looms with a feeling dread, reminiscent of dark wave but completely in a genre of its own. A storm has hit the beach but that’s not stopping you from surfing.

romeo is the ep’s opener and does well setting the tone for everything that comes after it. The vocals mix and morph with the instrumentals creating a tribal or rain dance type sound. This primal energy bleeds into each track in increasingly different and more interesting way.

mouthful of gemstones is the album’s hidden track, something that’s offered on every ep’s bandcamp release. It’s an instrumental that closes the ep out with a smile and a nod that more is on the horizon, just as the sun rises and falls.

In closing, this ep runs twenty minutes in length and it will keep you coming back. You won’t hear anything else quite like what this project has to offer. Band’s that have any type of similar to sound to Gjallarhornit tend to feel cookie cutter in the most boring way possible. I think you can hear the music of the indie bands I’m thinking about. Gjallarhornit is different, the emotion behind the music is very noticeably spiritual. You can’t just sit and listen to anything on here, everything makes you want to get up and move. The ideas showcased on this, even when they don’t exactly hit the mark it still makes an impact. I am excited for what awaits us in the future with this artist.

I’m feeling a light 6 to a strong 7 on this thing. What do you guys think of this thing? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What should I review next? Anthony Fantano. Gjallarhornit. Forever.




Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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