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Free my nigga Rittenhouse for real! Rittenhouse is how you want your kids to turn out. He was a conservative Christian that decided to go into a dangerous situation and try to help those in need. He’s a young man, we all get it wasn’t the best idea to be there. He felt it was. And in a real country he would be rewarded for trying to defend another citizen’s business and generally helping the community. He would’ve never seen twenty had he not acted in self defense and shot. The rioters that attacked him would have walked away scott free after murdering him. I pray for him. I am optimistic that he will walk, due to it being textbook self defense. Though this might go the way of the Charlottesville case and throw the book jail him as a political prisoner. Charles Manson is the most infamous case of this happening perhaps. He does not have a promising future. Everyone knows his name. Most people have Rittenhouse pegged as a Dylann Roof like figure because of how strong the media has gone after him. Many conservatives were the first to throw him under the bus. It’s tragic the way he’s been treated. Remember when some boomer got the feds showing up at their door because they donated to his legal fund? All his life Kyle will face abuse and rejection all because he wanted to help a community that was ripped to pieces by rioters.

One takeaway from this is that no matter how Justified the violence is, engaging in it will destroy you. There has not been one case in recent years that the use of violence helped our cause. Women love killers. Between struggling to find a job and being ostracized from the society, he’ll have to deal with crazy holes that will probably just make his life more difficult.

He does seem like a kid that would have a strong community backing him though, which is great. We of course back him 100%.

George Floyd’a nephew is saying that the jurors should be intimidated like the jurors in the Derek Chauvin case were. Im saying thay George Floyd’s nephew should follow in his uncle footsteps and stop breathing. So should the rest of his family. They should all be in jail for having the sacrificial Floyd blood. Stupid niggers can literally do anything they want while a white man can’t even defend himself. America will get what it deserves, and we should pray for God’s will be enacted on this nation.

A real human being and a real hero
Who are you and what are you worth? What keeps you going? I know the future looks bleak. But you must do what is right. You will be asked about how you spent your time on Earth, does your life now represent time well spent? History is also watching, your descendants will either either assume you were part of the satanic agenda or know you were against it by your actions. There’s a place in this world for you. There’s a future worth fighting for and an enemy that will battle you whether you fight or not. You may feel alone, but remember God is with you. A real human being is hard to describe, it’s a freethinker in so many words. Many aren’t real, they are slaves and sheep. Real humans are complex and multifaceted. Become a human again! The modern world is made to turn you into a clone, break the conditioning. Stop going with the motions and start thinking for yourself. Realize you are alive in this world. You are looking through your eyes right now reading this. You aren’t a tv character. You’re the captain of your own life.
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