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Slave’s Monologue

God bless this mess. You may not like it. You may not agree with it. But I’ll be damned if I’ll let you stand in between this man and freedom. This is what America is all about.

Submitted an app to Google for verification with the name “Gumby nigga” attached ngmi

Well boys, ourguy came through. Biden just signed a bill that requires all young men to have their own Asuka gf. It’s been an honor seething with you gents.

I’m gonna Rick my morty brains out

It’s never started

NFT irl

I’m reading theory
Coexist, never thought of that
Gaddafi on Joe Rogan
Incel online
I don’t understand your tweets. I’m just not smart enough
at the checkout I smile and tell the cute clerk “white monster for a white monster” and am ignored
I think the biggest problem I am facing in my life rn is anxiety over climate change
There’s nobody more disgusting In this world than someone who thinks 17 isn’t that bad
Johnny Rebel in Bape
If it’s over for you, it’s over for me. We’re in this together
She givin that Murdoch-chan head
Normalize not being a slave to your passions
Tfw no gf that is terminally ill
Bianca Devins murder was actually a ritualistic sacrifice. She was the lamb. And with her death things were set into motion what cannot be changed. We all could’ve made it if she had lived.
Dear diary I am an incel loser
They all leave eventually
“Jab” sounds gay
Walking around the mall with a name tag that says “Tiktok conservative”
Got Banned from medium. It’s really over this time
Can’t post shit on tiktok without getting my video taken down. Sick twisted world that I’m forced to live in And I’m just a good guy trying to get by. I want to hurt myself
“Cosby is an Ayran warrior and was going to name the Jew” only thing on my notes app
Feelin like Modern Monarchist rn
Pretty ricked up that I’m a morty
You know I would’ve ignored and thought lesser of you if you were a man and said that. But you are a moderately attractive woman. I must like, rt, and comment. You deserve it.
Going to a squid game restaurant
This is a form of self harm
Never thought a self professed degenerate would get caught doing degenerate things.
Niggas say they blackpilled but dms turn up pinkpilled
Low follower egirls run the matrix now
Surprising how big Sargon got. Really midwit, boring content. You could get get really far just laughing at sjws in 2016.
Groomed to be based and redpilled
If I fail, it was God’s way
10 followers and still having the feds show up about your tweets
Suicide is too expensive in this town
She said she can feel my vibes from across the room. ????
The President of the United States of America Joe Biden is lookin mad sussy rn bruh
Jacking off in class is a sign of high t
Mom found the piss stick 
People go with what you tell them. Don’t overthink social situations so much
Mac Demarco would be making Incelcore if he was a decade younger
I joined Twitter to follow SpaceGhostPurp
The Hopsin of internet bloodsports
She disgusts me
New Age Mel Gibson
Crazy how It’s normal to say that the Passion of the Christ is antisemitic
Little House on the Prairie is the only good show
The good news is, It’s over
Little does this homeless guy know, I do have a dollar
Barely Legal and already Washed Up
Taste the vaccine, It’s pure sugar water.
Going as squid game for Halloween
Wanking to certified lover boy while scrolling through r/tastefulnudes
Being a rich commie is Lindy
Cum Town fans are the most persecuted group
Take this you filthy incels
Dante’s Inferno but Hell is how it is pictured in Hazbin Hotel
Laying down my sleepy groyper head
“I can’t wait to go on netflix and watch the David Chappelle special” – a definitely real person
My blood memories tell me what I should order at Wendys
The greatest cultural achievement Gen xers accomplished was normalizing smoking weed, masturbation, and saying “nigga”
Buying things is reddit
Ever since Bitcoin hit 66k me and the boys went from racially ambiguous national socialists to adventure capitalists. Hold the line fellas
Can’t wait til Lindy incel emarries schizo bimbo then gets doxed by loli nigga 88 out of jealousy
The masked singer is eyes wide shut without the sex
Squid game lookin ass nigga
Haven’t recovered from my bruh moment
“Rape or die, the choice is yours”
Hitler would’ve loved ok computer
Charles Manson was ahead of his time
God’s lonely Incel
Tfw still at the Blackpill Beach in Autumn
Sometimes you’ve got to realize you deserve everything that’s coming to you
Ratio is digital rape
Niggas be gettin jobs but not getting jaw
My nofriend streak stays up
New guy who’s favorite book is the communist manifesto. Just cuz
She left me because our mbti personality types were incompatible
Teacher heard the gf Asmr
Are we back or is it over? I’m completely lost
Shooter is kinda like if young Sheldon made music
Should be illegal to be this damn cozy
*at Madison square garden* this next one is called Tradcath cumdumpster
Me on that slutweed
Bo Burnham > Morrissey
How has annoying orange gone on this long and not said the n word?
What’s a glowie?
Slutweed in Tha glunt
I’m creating a dating site… but this time……. for incels. Tap in
What would Rick Sanchez’s politics be?
“NIGGA-TEEN GERLL why do you hurt yourseeeeelllfff?”
What will really change the system is aesthetics
Everyday is Halloween for me cuz I have to keep the mask on. That’s what the point of the mask is.
Schizo_bimbo number 127,395,627,282,863 isn’t like the others. I’ve never seen anyone like her.
She giving me that mentil stare
*checks phone* yeah this guy is ngmi
My strength: I have a lot of love to give
I’m not Incelcore
Male femcel typa night On my lain shit playa
The wilted flower emoji represents a rose crowing through concrete in the hood. Would you question it? Or would you ask why it was a rose? Powerful. -Tupac
On my #commitsuicide shit
You’ll never get it. U want it too much.
You dumb bitch. You stupid cunt. You useless fucking hole. You can’t get through your thick skull that he’s just like me. He’s literally me.
I’ll be the first groyper vtuber
Slitting my wrist to linkin park rn. Innovative
You think Prozac is the reason this girl doesn’t want to have sex with me? I mean it’s gotta be smth
Sandy hook soldier tryna get that Parkland Pussy
Too socially retarded to be left alive
>Be trans >get raped in the women’s bathroom
This picture is so hot. I saved from some egirls post. You guys can too. Just hold or right click. You’re all welcome to it.
Generation Zoloft
When am I going to be interviewed for TFW no gf pt. 2?
I know about memes and Salinger.
Picking up Kurt Cobain’s mannerisms to get girls to like me
You don’t get it. I was being sarcastic. I’m only pretending to be unlikable all the time. In reality I’m a pretty cool guy
The fagbag will never be the same
Every normie cuts themselves now.
If she can say ara ara I can say the n word
Esex makes sense evolutionary
I regret ever giving beggars money
I’ve done more for women than they will ever do for me. I need reparations.
Autist gfs are so overhyped.
Ordering on a date: “yes I’ll have the Big Mac with fries and she’s not eating.”
My boss gets drunk and texts me about how common core math is part of communist plot since 16. This filled the role of a father figure in my life
I don’t usually say this, but it’s over for you man
She going Girl boss mode when she hits on guys 15 years younger than her
Damn low follower egirl, I hope you are not prosperous and fail terribly in life
Ruining my life speedrun
Keepin my morty’s in a Rick
The turner diaries were a warning (I’ve been growing datura in my basement). This is what’s happening in my living room rn. Rip
Popping my dick back into socket like a far cry character
I’m the one man keeping the proana community alive
You’re too good for her tbh, but you’ll settle anyway
Semen retention with the bros
I’d get the Vaccine if it was in the urethra
You could say I’m a post bi vamp eco-accelerationist
Autistic girl autumn really took a turn
New guy just dropped that likes Sematary and Bladee
Jumping in puddles in my Rick Owens
My tinder profile pic is me with a maga hat and a gun. Bio is: haven’t taken my meds since 4/20. 5’3.
Dramamine for my Real Friends, Drama for my Fake Friends