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WWG1WGA or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust The Plan

The Ramona Leone district will take up approximately 6 city blocks in Atlanta, GA. Our main points of entry will be a Churches Chicken in the north and a Popeyes chicken in the south. This will give us access to the trucks going in and out. A good amount of workers. These restaurants are also notorious for shoot outs and fights, which we’ll be able to easily quill. We present ourselves as a nonprofit organization that teaches music to impoverished and disabled youth. We will then use the government funding and issue a UBI in the area, giving us favor with the locals. Will then tax and ask for donations from the community in exchange for protection from the high crime. We will take over the 2 crack houses and 1 trap house in the area and have them sell for us out of the district. Youths will be militarized and used against anyone who disagrees. We will name this operation: optics check. almost forgot /s.

Monkey See Monkey Do

From People:

Doctors around the world are seeing a rise in cases of tic-like behaviors in teen girls, which they believe could be caused by watching TikTok videos about Tourette syndrome.

Pediatric hospitals have reported an increase in teen girls coming in after developing tics, sudden twitches or noises that are a common symptom of Tourette syndrome, during the pandemic. The sudden rise is unusual, with tics typically occurring in boys, not girls.

Experts in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia studied the patients for months and consulted between hospitals, finding that the common factor between the girls was an interest in watching TikTok videos from influencers who said they have Tourette syndrome, The Wall Street Journal reported.

If there was any doubt in your mind that femoids are inferior to men, this should help. Females naturally go with the status quo, what’s popular in their environment. You’ll notice if you’ve ever been around young adults in different communities. This is the reason behind the tiktok trend where the caption is “before college” and it’s a picture of a normal, usually Christian girl and then it switches over to “after college” and her hair is died, she has absurd amounts of piercings’, she’s gay, wearing slutier clothes, has some drug dependency. Noticeably way more unattractive as she has defiled both her soul and her body. To top it all off she’s proud of this, flexing used condoms to millions.

Tiktok is the best weapon used for psychological warfare today. The app is uncompromising in how much it tracks and takes your data. People spend hours scrolling through sixty second videos cicurated to the individuals taste to try to elicit the response the need.

Stop caring about what women think about you. You are less of a man by revolving your life around what women like. You’re no better than redditors that get vasectomies for switch games if you’re still trying to appease women.

My Oomfie Was Never Real 😿

The sooner you realize just how much of your everyday life is a mirage, the better.

From Agora Road Macintosh Café:

I think it’s entirely obvious what I’m subtly suggesting here given this setup, but allow me to try to succinctly state my thesis here: the U.S. government is engaging in an artificial intelligence powered gaslighting of the entire world population.

If China with its social credit score is recreating Psycho Pass, then the U.S. government is perfectly recreating Metal Gear Solid 2.


And an excerpt:
The Problem: Outline the basics of what appears to be happening.

There is a large-scale, deliberate effort to manipulate culture and discourse online and in wider culture by utilising a system of bots and paid employees whose job it is to produce content and respond to content online in order to further the agenda of those they are employed by.

Already we’ve seen this in foreign nations influencing elections by manipulating advertising algorithms on social media in order to push specific candidates.

As I see it is due to a “positive feedback loop”

I blame facebook and twitter.

The internet is a fast way to get info, and info is what moves the mind, and the thing is, the mind likes recognition. When the “likes” were introduced without negative feedback they created a copy-feedback subconscious, they made it so only “positive” opinions be propagated (also accepted), and in it’s way negative opinions to be obsolete.

Now everyone is too cowardly to have an opinion so they copy others they like, they are more likely to follow trends and say what others said, you can also see it with the paranoia of always wanting to listen to experts.

The fast feedback system of the net created a human obsession to be in with trends, getting away from it makes it so you always feel like you are missing out, to play it safe in a trend is more easy as you can copy what already is accepted.

In this way, the internet and social media, which was supposed to democratise media by allowing users to create whatever content they wanted, has instead been hijacked by a powerful few.

Creation of original content is how the internet used to work. Anonymous people were willing to express their opinions and try radical or experimental things. More truly original content, uninfluenced by bots or paid influencers, was created due to anonymity as protection against negative feedback. On the old internet, you could start anew every time you posted something.

Now add bots to this.

Make it so an opinion be repeated more and more, they are faster than us, so the positive feedback makes is so we copy the bots, and anonymity can’t do anything against it because we can’t influence the bot like we would a human, this is an easy weapon to manipulate people, so anyone with an agenda can use a bot, is designed in a way compared to how clickbaits are made,most won’t read the content, this creates tv-like propaganda where they aren’t influenced by the user and that puts bots at a great advantage over any other opinion because it wont change, and we are copying that.

This was a thread posted back in January that got picked by the Atlantic back in August. I do believe that these bots had a strong influence over distracting the Qanon crowd. I don’t have proof of this at all, but either way we know that Qanon has been used to both distract the right wing and used by the media as a scapegoat. The “groups” that the establishment has indicated as threats of domestic terrorism are qanon followers and incels. We know for sure that circles that you could wrap these labels on are crawling with federal agents looking to push individuals into committing crimes. We have also known that based on your geolocation and other data that companies collect you will be pushed certain ads. But this is a new theory. I’m sure Alex Jones has mentioned something like this before, but this was written about in the Atlantic in a way to brush it off.

An ultra real Artificial Intelligence would be used to collect data for these companies immediately for years before we ever would hear about it. I’m not one to take every theory as real automatically, but this makes sense. Neets can make chatbots that can hold a decent conversation, why can’t the globalists that are desperate for data release fake users into onto the internet to try and morph it to their ideal?