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Trailer Trash Incorporated

Complacent with the way things are, I don’t really care if I become anything. All I need is a wife and a home, what else could I need? The Trailer park is where we reside and it’s where we are comfortable. We work hard throughout the day and play harder at night. Sitting on the porch with a warm beer and a speaker playing the oldies. Every Friday I head over to Todd’s where he always has a bonfire going. Juan stops by soon after with a 6-pack of Corona. Going through a pack of reds and getting drunker every minute, we engage in a bit of tomfoolery. Trying one up each by doing different stunts that we’ll forget about but feel the pain of in the morning. We aren’t really political, don’t know much about how that works so try not to speak on it much.

Our convictions and values are still there of course. Don’t want my kids racemixin’ or being fags, most of us don’t I’d suppose. This is a simple life, our education on average is Sophmore year of high school. Still know plenty to get around. City folks don’t have an idea on how to clean a fish or fix up a ’89 Ford F150. Many of us served this country out of high school, due to 9/11. We love this country and are honored to fight tooth and nail for it any chance we get. Yup, We just take it one day at a time. Helpin’ each other out whenever necessary. Dale’s little girl got in bad health back in August, we all pitched in to make sure they weren’t in a sore spot. Checkin’ up on him and the Misses and doing some work here and there for em while they were at the hospital. It’s just a simple life we live here, we don’t make no trouble and expect none to come our way.

Things have changed, I’ll have to admit. Shit’s just been crazy, you think that you can ignore a lot of hat’s on the news. Cuz it never really effected much of us personally. The lockdown had a lot of us out of work for a while. Wasn’t too bad. Majority of us live paycheck to paycheck but we’re generally bellow the poverty line and able to get help whenever somethin bad happens. After a while it just seemed ridiculous. Then the riots, they tore through our nearest city. Wife’s cousin never recovered after his business as looted. The election really split some of us up. TJ couldn’t go a day without goin’ on a rant about loadin up and gettin ready to protect our president. It all just put a bad taste in my mouth.

Gettin drunk, screwin my wife, fishin with the boy, eatin with the community after church, these our what I lived for. Things are goin’ too fast now, feels like I’m decades behind and soon to be steamrolled. I’ve had to do a lot more thinkin in the last couple years. Think about what the future will look like. I’ve prayed and gone shootin’ more often than I ever have. When I look in the mirror I am reminded of the words my Grandpa use to say, in place of a goodbye. “Do God’s will, ­whatever the Hell it may be.” I’ve never been a religious man per say. I’ve just been mindin’ my own. I just have a different sort of conviction now is all I’m sayin. Perspective has been widened. Only thing I can say is I can’t be sure my great great Grandfather would look at me now with any sort of pride. Maybe I have a chance to change that. Maybe.

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