Gabby Petito has been in the news 24/7 ever since she was reported missing on September eleventh.


In July, Ms. Petito, 22, embarked from New York on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, 23. As they made their way out West in a white Ford van, the couple posted photos and videos of their journey on Instagram and YouTube. Then, on Sept. 1, Mr. Laundrie returned from the trip alone. Ten days later, Ms. Petito’s family reported her missing.

The media has used this to stir more anti-white hate. Oh you think it’s weird that when the nation is in crisis mode, the propaganda tool has incessantly broadcasted every detail about this random dead girl and her supposed murderer boyfriend? You’re right. It looks like the reason why they are attached to this story isn’t because they are deliberately distracting you, it’s because of we Americans only caring about pretty dead white girls. We should be spending more time paying attention to non white dead girls. That’s one of the woke hot takes on this story. Another is of course the “potential domestic abuse victims not being taken seriously enough” angle. I think a lot of women just want to be Gabby Petito. The ultimate pure victim that was never taken seriously. Killed in cold blood. You like that?

Sandy Hook Never Looked So Good

This girl was in a sandy hook tribute music video. I mean come on. The media is winning at every turn with this story. Distraction, anti-white hate, white male incel hate, poor women, qanon bad, satanic sacrifice, police bad, validating true crime people.

I know many will say the focus is necessary because the man is on the loose. But there’s been mass murders on the loose before without it being like this. And why can’t they find him?

Everything is a fabrication. It’s all engineered to get a certain reaction out of you. Economy’s crashing and vaccine mandates are closing in and blind whores fill our mind’s with different types of dread. Satanic Masonic Judaic blood sacrifice rituals are the background to family dinners. Programming repeated images of sweet blond girls smiling with morbid details and anxiety inducing music. The perfect aryan girl is killed out of violent wasteful anger by inferior man. Last picture taken before death was her in front of a monarch butterfly. MKultra connection established. Hippy girl murdered and its a national tragedy. No mention of the hundreds of kids that continually go missing every year and are never found.

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