6 Million Dead Ukrainians Is All It Takes 4 World Peace

6 Million Dead Ukrainians Is All It Takes 4 World Peace

From RT:

Calls for the killing of Russian children or the castration of prisoners of war are absolutely unacceptable and ruin Ukraine’s image as a civilized European country, a senior adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday. Responding to two recent public scandals, Alexey Arestovich called on Ukrainians to respect the Geneva Convention and laws of war.

“We must not go beyond the Geneva Convention, which allows the destruction of the enemy on the battlefield, but does not allow us to mock prisoners of war, and even more so to make calls for revenge on civilians, children, and prisoners of war,” Arestovich said in a video posted on Facebook.

You know a country is winning when they are resorting to brutality. Ukraine has gone full anarchy with citizens punishing fellow citizens with Russian sympathies, whippings, and Lord knows what else is going on it that shithole. The blame for this should be placed wholly on Zelensky. This faggot jew will have to answer for every Ukrainian brutalized under his reign before he burns in hell. That’s the only justice we are awarded in this world. 

From Politico:

President Joe Biden on Monday warned of Russian cyberattacks against the U.S. — making his most prominent alert yet about what he called new intelligence concerning the Putin regime’s plans.

“The more Putin’s back is against the wall, the greater the severity of the tactics he may employ … one of the tools he’s most likely to use in my view, in our view, is cyberattacks,” Biden said on Monday.

Statements like this allow the regime to do anything they want with impunity and blame it on Russia. This is what Democracy means. We tell you what’s going to happen and when it happens you agree to our solution. Your permission is manufactured. I think that Russia is well justified in attacking American businesses at this point. We might see that, but more likely GAE will attack dissenters or infrastructure that supports dissenters and blame Russia.

From New York Post:

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr on Monday accused President Biden of having “lied to the American people” during a presidential debate when he called The Post’s exposure of his son Hunter Biden’s emails “a Russian plant.”

Tbf I wouldn’t want the world seeing what’s on my laptop. Only because I have Paladin press pdfs, diary entries, and K-pop pics. Not because I have loads of child porn like the sitting President’s son does. Hunter Biden rapes kids and his dad has never had to answer for it. The media suppressed any mention of it. Trump’s pee tape was first page news and that was completely fabricated. I don’t think pedos should be protected, maybe I’m crazy. They should be put down instead of patted on the back for being drug free for two months. The people that waved their hand at the laptop leak all knew what was on it. As always, you were vindicated, but does it really even matter?

Blaming it on the Russians will always work on the masses. This won’t change anything.

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