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File: 1653773750880.jpg–(29.08KB, 280x362, 41114922-55C1-458D-B922-AE8325C32BB9.jpeg)
R No.34
>What is Kaliacc?
“ Also known as Kali Yuga Accelerationism, is a group of online white supremacist individuals who partake in cult-like activities and is known for targeting young teenage girls into starvation, and self-harm.

The group's signature includes "aesthetics" and cryptic-like writing. Their members seem to mainly come from the UK or Japan.
Known members are former alternative instagram users such as @nyabeat , @kusozuki_jp, and @vampjunk.
They own Discord and Guilded servers, but are mainly seen using Twitter to communicate.”
-Urban Dictionary
Site that seem to be associated:
¨ R No.37
1653891654966.jpg–(59.69KB, 476x595, 4A387803-37FB-425D-921D-BCE7EF4FD4B6.jpeg)

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